Unleash Love with Swords: Lies of P's Valentine's Day Crossover with Wo Long

  • 09-02-2024 |
  • James Lamps

When Cupid's arrows morph into gleaming weapons from another realm, you know Valentine's Day has taken an adventurous twist! This year, eschew the chocolates and roses for a set of armor, and a trusty glaive as Koei Tecmo and Neowiz unveil a seductive crossover event between Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Celebrate the day of love with a touch of martial prowess as these two video game worlds collide in a clash of steel and passion.

On February 14, the gothic atmosphere of Lies of P will be invigorated with a pinch of ancient Chinese warfare, thanks to a free update featuring several Wo Long equipment items. Players can lay their hands on the Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive — a weapon that promises to leave foes in awe. With the addition of the Armor of the Honorable and the Bandana of the Honorable, your character won't just fight with honor; they'll exude it with every step on the battlefield. The visual feast of wielding such majestic gear is akin to a love letter written in the art of combat.

This enticing crossover event is not a first date for these two titles; it's a growing relationship. Previously, Lies of P incorporated elements from Wo Long in a September update, infusing the three kingdoms' charm into its own dark fairy-tale world; for those who've yet to dive into this immersive fusion, the game's Complete Edition awaits, already laden with these crossover treasures. And for aficionados craving even more, Lies of P tantalizes with teases of new, unseen locations in the forthcoming expansion.

Despite no plans for a Wo Long sequel, both games have captured hearts with their million-copy sales success and critical acclaim. There is something irresistibly charming about reshaping a classic tale like Pinocchio into a dark, gripping narrative — throwing in agile combat and iconic weapons only enriches the allure. Indeed, it seems that both love and the souls-like genre have a way of enduring, defying, and ultimately enchanting us — even on a holiday as unexpected as Valentine's Day.

So, as Cupid strings his bow, may you equip your Azure Dragon Crescent Glaive in kind. Whether you’re a fan of Lies of P, Wo Long, or an admirer of both, this Valentine's Day crossover provides the perfect opportunity to express your affection — not just for your significant other but for the thrilling worlds that continue to captivate our imaginations. Let your love for soul-like action blossom as you bring a slice of ancient China into the grim universe of Lies of P, proving that even the most brutal of battles can have a place in the heart.