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Kings' Cross

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KINGS' CROSS delivers quick-fire, tactical combat balanced with customization of your hero, army and planning your way to win.

- EXPLORE 44 UNIQUE UNITS AND CHECK THEM IN THE BATTLE. Each unit has different characteristics and abilities. Face the strong side of your warriors and the weak side of your foes.

- UNLOCK 36+ UPGRADES FOR YOUR WARRIORS AND HERO. Gain experience points (“the Stars”) with each completed level and unlock new upgrades and skills. Revisit the completed levels at any time and improve your best score to unlock more options.

- HACK YOUR WAY THROUGH 20 DIFFERENT REPLAYABLE LEVELS. You can just slice your way through a few but hard levels or you choose a longer but safer way.

- CUSTOMIZE YOUR ARMY FOR THE FINAL DERBY. Choose the race of your army in series of the final battles. Orcs, humans, elves and dwarves are available. The options will depend on how many levels you have completed and what road you have chosen.

Looking for full scaled CCG (campaign, events, challenges, side quests are included)?


Kings' Cross Kings' Cross
Kings' Cross
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