Meme Run 2 review

Meme Run 2

Published & copyrighted by Jordan Schuetz

What is Meme Run?

Meme Run is the only game in the world where you can go on an infinite running experience while dodging 360 noscopes and dank memes. The longer you stay alive, the more swag points you earn. Collect meme boxes to spawn memes and increase your swag multiplier. Watch out though, if you don’t collect all the meme boxes, your swag multiplier resets. Use your swag points to unlock new characters and unlock achievements. All of the terrain is randomly generated which makes every experience danker. So m8, what are you waiting for, come play and see if you can get OVER 9000 swag points! Tyrone rated the game 8/8 which means it’s not b8 so come play m8. To learn more about this dank game, please visit our website and join our Discord. P.S. Gift this game to someone you h8 m8.


Meme Run 2 Meme Run 2
Meme Run 2
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    Jordan Schuetz

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    800 MB available space