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Poppy Playtime

Published & copyrighted by MOB Games

Venture into the eerie recesses of a forgotten era and tease out the truth in the thrilling horror-adventure game Poppy Playtime. Once a prosperous hub of creativity, the 'Playtime Co. toy factory now stands desolate, immersed in an ominous hush that cloaks its sinister secrets. Yet within, stirring in the gloom, are the factory's discarded playthings, now transformed into monstrous entities hungering for the unknown. 

The game lures you into a chilling investigation of a once-thriving toy factory, where you must decrypt hidden puzzles to unearth the unsettling history of Playtime Co. The deserted factory, inhabited by monstrous toys, provides a riveting backdrop for the chase. The story unfolds with heart-pounding suspense keeping you on your toes, as you never know when you might encounter bloodthirsty toys like Bot, Huggy, Kotopchelka, or Poppy.

Poppy Playtime distinguishes itself through unique gameplay, where survival relies heavily on the manipulation of wires and distant objects. Armed with a mystical grabber, you must navigate through twisted wires and machinery, adapting to the game's challenges. This inventive tool adds a fresh element to the horror genre, keeping players engrossed as they try to outsmart the factory’s gruesome inhabitants.

Though set in a sinister environment filled with monstrous toys, Poppy Playtime's graphics are far from child's play. The atmosphere is impeccably built, encapsulated within a realistic abandoned factory where each corner appears ominous. The graphical representation of the toys bolsters the game's horror factor notably, making each encounter shockingly real.

While the game does instill fear with its bloodthirsty toys, it also introduces the concept of befriending these mysterious beings. It’s this twist of friend and foe that adds thrilling potential to the gameplay, making the experience distinctively riveting.

Together, the extraordinary puzzle-solving, realistic graphics and keen focus on survival mesh seamlessly with the terrifying but captivating narrative, making Poppy Playtime a hard-to-resist horror journey. It may not be for the faint-hearted, but if you appreciate horror sprinkled with unexpected elements, this might be just the game you've been looking for!


  • Intricate puzzles that keep the gameplay engaging
  • Unique tool mechanic, the grabber, adding freshness to the gameplay
  • Incredible, immersive graphics.


  • An intense horror theme might not be suitable for all players.


Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime
Poppy Playtime
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