Shadow of the Black Dragon review

Shadow of the Black Dragon

Published & copyrighted by Brewsterland Studios

An epic RPG where ancient legends return to alter your fate. Choose from fifteen different class combinations for each of the four characters you get in your party.
Play as Ryle, a defender in King Brant's army. You are at war with the Lorrieans, and strange events keep occurring that cause you to gather other defenders and embark on a long quest to determine the causes behind all of the unusual circumstances. The game is an old-school styled RPG that is approximately 6 hours long.


    Over 85 maps to explore, including a world map.

    3 classes and 5 skill/magic trees for lots of customization.

    A large bird that collects shiny dirt-covered objects in exchange for items.

    High quality maps with well selected music.

    Plenty of challenging and strategic encounters.

    A game in which you fight scorpions.


Shadow of the Black Dragon Shadow of the Black Dragon
Shadow of the Black Dragon
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    Brewsterland Studios

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