Dear Esther: Landmark Edition review

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Published & copyrighted by The Chinese Room

At first glance, “Dear Esther: Landmark Edition" may come across as an unconventional video game. This game invites players into its bewitching world that turns the traditional idea of gaming upside down, providing an emphatic narrative meant to unfold like a novel or a film.

The story encompasses a lonesome island – this is where you find yourself engrossed in its eerie calmness. Unlike typical game formats, you don’t encounter anything to engage in combat with or any puzzles to solve. The purpose, it seems, is for you to journey across the island, discovering a narrative that leaves you with a tingling sense of intrigue since it’s not so much about 'doing' as it is about 'experiencing'. 

“Dear Esther” is more of an interactive storytelling experience. It's a visual novel where you must piece together fragments of story, delivered in the form of voiceovers as you trudge through the desolate environment. The deeply emotional narrative sets it in a league of its own. The narration is compelling - a cocktail of sorrow, regret, and longing that evokes the game's profound undertones.

The graphical details are impressive as well, mirroring the isolation and desolation of the island perfectly. The moonlight playing on the nocturnal waters of the sea, the mysterious caves painted with strange symbols, or the dilapidated buildings with abandoned rusted vehicles - everything astounds you with their visual brilliance. The surreal visual landscapes, coupled with a haunting background score, create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

The Landmark Edition brings some significant improvements. There’s a Directors’ Commentary mode that offers a unique insight into the game’s creation. Although it is a short game, its innovative storytelling and enchanting visuals make the experience worthwhile.

Venturing Beyond the Conventional Game

"Dear Esther: Landmark Edition" is a foray into experimental gaming, celebrating rich storytelling over traditional gameplay mechanics. It's not for everyone, it’s for those seeking an enriching, narrative-driven gaming experience. In 'Dear Esther: Landmark Edition', the developer has created a bold, boundary-pushing game that challenges conventional gaming tropes in exchange for a poignant narrative and unmatched ambiance. If you embrace its unique design, you'll discover a highly emotional and immersive experience. It truly is a landmark title, going against the gaming grain.


  • Engaging and mysterious storyline
  • Breathtaking visuals that can completely absorb you
  • Unique, narrative-driven gameplay
  • Additional features in the Landmark Edition, including Directors’ Commentary.


  • Limited interaction may not appeal to all players
  • Short game length.


Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
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    The Chinese Room

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