Infinite Air with Mark McMorris review

Infinite Air with Mark McMorris

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Taking on the powdery peaks of snowboarding action, Mark McMorris Infinite Air treats players - novice and seasoned alike - to an extreme sports wonderland set in an expansive wilderness. Combining beautifully crafted ski parks with competition-like authenticity, the game leads to an exhilarating winter sporting experience.

At the heart of Infinite Air, players get to explore over 100 square miles of wintry wilderness, scaling specially designed trails, performing virtuoso board tricks, and conquering inviting slopes. The game's massive ski parks offer a perfect hub for honing your snowboarding style, all under the auspices of digital adrenaline.

The game maximizes creative control by utilizing an improved level editor - an intriguing tool that lets the players shape the snowy tracks to their liking. With plenty of ledges, slopes, figures, and ramps ready at one's disposal, the snow park of your dreams is only a few clicks away. 

Indeed, the snowboarding fun ascends to a whole new level when you can invite friends for a friendly competition. Run contests in disciplines such as slopestyle, halfpipe, and big air; the bragging rights are up for grabs, ignite a competitive spirit, and add an additional layer to the gaming experience.

One unique feature that sets Infinite Air apart is the ability to hop out of a helicopter anytime. Letting you survey the lay of the land from above and descend onto untouched snow or your personally crafted trail, adds an unprecedented aspect of surprise to the game.

From the grandeur of the venues to the realism of the competition, Infinite Air fosters deep immersion among its players. The game's appeal isn't just limited to the thrill-seekers but extends to those who enjoy the serene beauty of vast snowy landscapes hinging on the brink of photographic realism.

Summing up, Infinite Air with Mark McMorris is a true embodiment of extreme sports gaming, combining realistic snowboarding action with creative freedom and competitive fun. While the high learning curve and rigorous controls may pose a challenge initially, they strive not to turn off but to push the player towards skiing mastery. 


  • Expansive game environment
  • Improved level-editor allowing user flexibility
  • Possibility to compete with friends
  • Unique helicopter drop feature.


  • High learning curve
  • Rigorous controls.


Infinite Air with Mark McMorris Infinite Air with Mark McMorris
Infinite Air with Mark McMorris
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