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Save Jesus

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Stepping into a unique blend of fantasy puzzle gameplay and historical intrigue, Save Jesus challenges the player with a mission of both immense responsibility and utmost significance. This game takes us back in time, immersing us into a world where a malicious imposter from the future, disguised as Caesar, collaborates with the Roman Empire with one goal: to put an end to Jesus’ life. Your task is no less than to avert this impending disaster and protect Jesus alongside his friends.

Navigating into the Ancient World

In the immersive landscapes of the Save Jesus game, you encounter no shortage of opposition coming from the Roman Empire. Your mission is not merely to eliminate these adversaries but to do so using their traps against them, an intriguing challenge for those who enjoy a strategic approach. The antagonist from the future decided to level up the competition, ingeniously setting up an array of dangerous traps, from boulders and spikes to fireballs. However, your resourceful mind and quick thinking can turn these death traps into your weapons of retaliation.

The heart of the game lies in redirecting these deadly traps towards your opponents. The gameplay tests your strategic prowess as you ensure the safety of Jesus and his friends while also defeating the enemy Romans. Every success in redirecting the traps not only deters the impostor's schemes but also disruptively affects his Time Machine, a satisfying two-in-one pay-off. 

Save Jesus revels in its variety of physics-based challenges, providing an immersive experience that builds suspense and excitement. The graphics are modest but effective, maintaining a balance between simplicity and visual appeal. The design of the levels lends the game an atmospheric vibe reminiscent of gladiator arenas, successfully keeping players engaged.

The Game Features

The game offers 50 levels of increasing difficulty, ensuring players remain challenged and intrigued throughout the experience. Furthermore, Save Jesus provides Steam Trading Cards and Steam Achievements, increasing the game's replay value and making for a more enriching gaming experience. The inclusion of different forms of traps, including holy balls and holy cows adds a touch of humor and flair to the otherwise grim mission.


In summary, Save Jesus brings a fresh gust into the realm of puzzle gaming, fusing strategic challenges with an enthralling narrative. While the graphics might not be the best out there, they do not deter from the overall gaming experience. It's a must-play for anyone looking for games that engage their strategic sense and storytelling prowess alike. The question remains: Will you step up to the challenge and Save Jesus?


  • Engaging fantasy puzzle gameplay
  • Intriguing storyline with time-travel elements
  • Variety of physics-based challenges
  • Addictive and progressively challenging levels
  • Inclusion of Steam Trading Cards and Achievements.


  • Graphics could be stronger
  • May not appeal to those looking for non-violent gaming experiences.


Save Jesus Save Jesus
Save Jesus
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